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Solar Reflective Bronze

Solar Reflective Gray


All SIG Skylights are glazed with tempered, double paned insulated glass. We offer several choices of glass. The color of the tint will have a small effect on the color of light allowed through the glass. Solar Reflective skylights are stocked in limited sizes. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for any special order.

This is our standard glazing, which cost effectively offers a combination of good transparency while blocking significant glare, UV rays, and solar heat gain from the sun. Warm tone.

Similar properties to bronze, but in a cooler, gray tone. Special order, no charge.

This glazing choice is highly recommended for skylights that are exposed to full sun, or for larger or multiple skylights. It has a darker tint than bronze, similar to a tinted car window, and it is somewhat reflective from the outside. This glazing gives excellent heat, glare, and UV blocking properties, while still allowing significant light in, and good visibility to the outside. Choose solar reflective bronze or gray. Available in stock in limited sizes. Add $75 to $100. more>

Our low-e coating is nearly clear, and is recommended where it is desired to have some heat and UV reduction compared with clear glass, while receiving maximum light. Please note that although low–e glass windows are known for their improved U or R (insulating) values, when installing low-e glass in a horizontal position like a skylight, the benefit is largely negated. Special order / extra charge.

Clear glass is available but generally not recommended for skylights unless they are in full shade. It is sometimes used in art studios. Special order/ no charge.

Laminated glazing has a plastic layer between the glass panes. Our “hurricane glass” skylights meet Miami-Dade County, Florida standards for impact resistant skylights for hurricane prone areas. Other locations also require skylights to meet those specs; check your local building codes. Special order / extra charge.

Type of GlazingTransmittance %, UV lightTransmittance %, Visible LightExterior Reflectance %, visible lightU Value Winter (BTU/hr ft2 F)U Value Summer (BTU/hr ft2 F)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Light to Solar Gain (LSG)
Solar Reflective Bronze721370.580.470.340.52
LoE Guardian Sunguard™ 683269110.440.290.381.81
Gray Tint264680.580.470.540.85
Bronze Tint255490.580.470.550.97
Clear Over Clear5782150.580.470.761.07

Above values were calculated with the following Insulated Glass Unit configurations in a horizontal position:

Type of Glazingconfiguration
Solar Reflective Bronze1/4” Solar Reflective outer over 7/16 air space, inner glazing 1/8” Clear
LoE Guardian Sunguard™ 681/4” LoE outer over 7/16 air space, inner glazing 1/8” Clear
Gray Tint3/16” Gray (Smoke) Tint outer over 7/16 air space, inner glazing 1/8” Clear
Bronze Tint3/16” Bronze Tint outer over 7/16 air space, inner glazing 1/8” Clear
Clear Over Clear3/16” Clear outer over 7/16 air space, inner glazing 1/8” Clear

Note:  Performance data are generally representative of the different glazing choices available in typical SIG skylights configurations and are intended to guide in the selection of one glazing over another only.  Actual values may vary from above, with small differences in glass thickness and exact product and glass manufacturer.

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